Messenger Bots are Scary Effective for Local Businesses

If you’ve been watching Facebook as closely as I have you’ve seen them making a lot of big changes in an effort to help small business owners that have become overwhelmed with using their platform to market their business.

One such addition to the Facebook Feature set has been something called Messenger Bots.

In the last few months, Facebook took steps to make sure that bots became something that was actually helpful for the standard small business owner.

What Facebook Did that Mattered for Bots and Local Businesses:

  1. They enabled automated replies to messages on pages (longer than just one message).
  2. They enabled automated replies to be “timed” and programmed in like an email autoresponder.
  3. They made it so a person could “subscribe” to a bot and get broadcasts messages via an autoresponders.
  4. They enabled a page to automatically respond to people who make comments on a post via messenger based on a defined “bit of text”. PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THIS ONE AS IT’S THE KEY.
  5. They allowed you to link the “auto message generating post” from #4 to a Facebook Ad.

The above presents a big opportunity for you because there are now several big things you can do with bots (without being too much of a tech nerd) to help a small business owner get new customers.

And… Let me tell you…
They are Scary Effective for Local Businesses when you know how to use them. The key is combining the tech from above with good old fashioned marketing and human persuasion know-how.

Because so many folks can be asking me about how to use Facebook’s cool automated messenger bots to help small businesses, I decided to dedicate some serious time to learning the ins and the outs of how they work.

I will share that research with you. I’m going to tell you about “5 Very Special Bot Campaigns” that we’ve been developing that you can use to help any small business owner get more customers through the door. (and how you can use them even if the word “bot” scares the crap out of you right now).

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