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GroupBuy Price: $27 (from today – 18/08/2021) —> join early now to have the best price.
$29 if you buy after 18/08/2021.
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What is WP Reset?

[Secret Group Buy] WP Reset | The Best Development Plugin 2

WP Reset is the best WordPress Development Tool for Non-Devs Speed up site deployment, testing & recovery by controlling, resetting & restoring the WordPress environment in one click.

We use WP Reset every day to develop, debug, and maintain dozens of WordPress sites. We only add features that are needed to get the job done.

Are you still installing your favorite 20 plugins one by one? That’s insane!
Do it with WP Reset Collections. It takes only one click!

The vast majority of our users are complete beginners. They use WP Reset to quickly test new themes and plugins, knowing they can always return the site to a previous state in seconds. And they use collections to install all of their free & premium plugins with one click.

For everybody who builds sites using WordPress. Webmasters, agencies, WP Reset is a time-saving tool! If you spend most of your days in WP admin you’ll realize it fills a need you didn’t even know you had. There are no tools similar to it so the fastest way to see what it does is to see 5 things only WP Reset does and individuals who find themselves installing, building, and maintaining WordPress sites on a daily basis:

  1. How to recover a destroyed WP site without a backup.
  2. One click rollback of a bad plugin update.
  3. Testing changes a plugin did to the site.
  4. Installing all of your favorite plugins with one click.
  5. Activating WP Reset on a client site without using a license key.

The Best WordPress recovery plugin.

A Few of the Amazing Features WP Reset Users Will Get Include:

  • Over 25 tools.
  • Emergency Recovery Script.
  • Go back to the past when everything was working with 1 click.
  • Create a collection of your favorite plugins & themes and install them after resetting the site, or when creating a site one from scratch.
  • You messed up so badly that you can’t even get into the WP admin? No worries! Just open the recovery tool.
  • We all hate when a theme demo installs so much demo data that it takes an hour to clean. With WP Reset, remove anything with one click.
  • Nuclear Reset.
  • Automatic Snapshots.
  • Offload & safely store Collections & Snapshots to one of the popular services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or pCloud.
  • Control all your licenses, sites, collections & snapshots from a single location.

and more!

I high recommend WP Reset if you’re running a WordPress site and you’re looking for Backup and Restore Plugins to maintain your sites.

Please see more detail on WP Reset sale page:

WP Reset – $249/year: https://wpreset.com/

WP Reset Group Buy:

Total Cost per Each Participant: (includes Paypal fee)
$27 (from today – 18/08/2021) —> join early now to have the best price.
$29 if you buy after 18/08/2021.

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You have:
Access To WP Reset plugin (auto-update on 10 of your sites).

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