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TubeTargeter + OTOs group buy & reviews

GroupBuy Price: $17 (from today – 06/02/2022) —> join early now to have the best price.
$21 if you buy after 06/02/2021.

(You save 68% more than buying directly from the producer)

What is TubeTargeter?

[Group Buy] TubeTargeter + OTOs | Traffic From Youtube 2

TubeTargeter is a revolutionary new Video Marketing App that finds Trending Monetized Videos and YouTube Channels in any niche to create Profitable Video Ads in seconds with no manual work so You can get in front of your perfect audience for fast results.

Revolutionary new App exploits loophole to get instant & guaranteed buyer traffic for pennies per click from the ‘Buyer Only’ section YouTube hides from the public.

Video is the best way to get hot targeted traffic that converts, but it can be really hard to create videos and get traffic flowing if you’re just starting out… The good news is, TubeTargeter does ALL the heavy lifting by spying on any offer, in any niche, finding hot ‘done for you’ videos that you can use to generate traffic, leads, and sales with a few clicks.

Right now, YouTube delivers some of the best traffic online, and TubeTargeter makes it easier than ever to generate massive profits without any hard work required

It lets you leverage Other People’s Content for massive results. This is the perfect way for a newbie to get traffic flowing today.

TubeTargeter is perfect for affiliates, Ecom store owners, product creators, coaches, consultants, and freelancers looking for top-quality, targeted traffic with a few clicks.

A Few of the Amazing TubeTargeter Features Users Will Get Include:

  • Find contextual placements.
  • search a particular channel for trending videos and monetized videos.
  • Ability to search by keyword, channel, related videos, advanced search functionality.
  • Export results in CSV, Copy to Clipboard.
  • Ability to create target lists to have your researched video links stored in a certain category until you want to use them again.
  • Find videos based on length, license, popularity,…
  • Filter between recent videos within a certain date range
  • Access to the keyword research tool for your video SEO research to find more popular/trending keywords for a better placement.
  • Access to the channel research tool – to find the most popular monetized videos on any channel.
  • Geolocation-based targeting feature so your video ads are perfectly tailored to the right audience.
  • Access to the Video Info grabber that helps you literally spy on your competitor’s videos so you can know exactly what they’re doing to get their videos on the first page.
  • Access to the Video rank checker to see exactly where your videos are on the search engine (Both Google and Youtube search).

and more!

Check The TubeTargeter Demo!

TubeTargeter Review | TubeTargeter group buy with cheapest price

TubeTargeter sale funnels:

FE – TubeTargeter – $37: https://gettubetargeter.com/live2/
OTO1 – TubeTargeter Unlimited – $77: https://gettubetargeter.com/upgrade1/
OTO2 – TubeTargeter 50 DFY Profitable Video Ads – $97: https://gettubetargeter.com/upgrade2/
OTO3 – TubeTargeter Influencer Marketing Outreach – $77: https://gettubetargeter.com/upgrade3/
OTO4 – TubeTargeter DFY Video Ads Agency Setup – $97: https://gettubetargeter.com/upgrade4/

TubeTargeter Group Buy:

Total Cost per Each Participant: (includes Paypal fee)
$17 (from today – 06/02/2022) —> join early now to have the best price.
$21 if you buy after 06/02/2022.


You have:
Access To TubeTargeter (FE + OTOs) account.
Your auto-update.

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