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What is Skilexa?


Skilexa is a New App Puts Your Content on Amazon Alexa in Front of Millions of Listeners in Minutes.

The Biggest Marketing Opportunity in 2019.

Amazon Alexa and “Flash Briefing Skills” is the biggest and #1 Opportunity Today to get Easy Traffic and Leads.

“Alexa has the potential to kill Google… Skills are the beachfront property vacation, yet to be discovered and booked up by the masses.”

Gary Vaynerchuk.

Alexa Flash Briefing Skills are short audio snippets/reports Alexa users can receive each day on their Alexa device. Local and online businesses can tap into millions of Alexa listeners right now.

Flash Briefings are daily updates Alexa users receive each day from their Alexa device by saying “Alexa, what’s the news?” or “Alexa, play my Flash Briefings.”

These can provide educational content from a particular brand they’re subscribed to as well as inform them about special sales, deal, products, and more.

The world is moving toward “voice-first” content consumption and Alexa is the lead dog changing the way how the world gets and consumes content.

  • 40 Million Americans Now Own an Alexa.
  • Only Around 5000 Flash Briefings Have Been Created.
  • By 2022 Alexa Will be in 55% of Households and Drive $10 Billion in Sales.

Creating your Alexa channel and Flash Briefings today is equivalent to using Twitter in 2006 or Instagram in 2010. There’s more opportunity available than any one business can handle!

Unfortunately, you can’t create and send Flash Briefings to Amazon Alexa unless you are a skilled coder at this time.

However, this expert team of coders has figured out an easy way to get Flash Briefings to Alexa in just minutes with no coding skills.

They’ve built that new technology into a brand new cloud app anyone can use to build an audience using Alexa fast. After months of research and coding, they launch Skilexa.

A Few of the Amazing Features Users Will Get Include:

  • Anyone quickly and easily create Amazon Alexa Flash Briefings to drive traffic and sales on autopilot.
  • Curate text or audio from previous blog posts, podcasts, and more using built-in content creation tools inside the app.
  • Built-in Audio Recorder.
  • Amazon S3 Resource Library.
  • Amazon API Compliant.
  • Supports Video, Text, Audio Content.
  • Schedule briefings to send 30 days in the future so your Alexa channel users always have a fresh stream of daily content.

and more!

Check The Skilexa Demo!

Skilexa Review | Skilexa group buy with cheapest price

Skilexa sale funnels:

FE – Skilexa – $49: https://skilexa.co/yes3
OTO1 – Skilexa Pro – $49: https://skilexa.co/platinum1/

Skilexa Group Buy:

Total Cost per Each Participant: (includes Paypal fee)
$11 (from today – 30/09/2019) —> join now to have the best price
$14 if you buy after 30/09/2019.

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