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Rewardsly + OTOs group buy & reviews

GroupBuy Price: $17 (from today – 06/04/2021) —> join early now to have the best price.
$19 if you buy after 06/04/2021.

(You save 68% more than buying directly from the producer)

What is Rewardsly?

[Group Buy] Rewardsly + OTOs | Rewards Loyalty Program 2

Rewardsly is an App creates QR-Code Mobile Rewards Programs & Gift Card Systems for Small Businesses online or offline.

Run a Loyalty Program Agency with Smart Proprietary Technology.

Did you know the majority of a small business’s revenue doesn’t come from new leads but from repeat customers? According to BIA Kelsey 61% of SMBs report more than half of their revenue is from a handful of repeat customers. The very best way to ensure repeat customers is through loyalty programs like rewards programs and gift cards.

The problem is, reward program software, especially those that work with brick-and-mortar types businesses: Cost a fortune, Aren’t Practical for Non-Global Stores, Aren’t Virus Safe, Don’t come with gift card creation technology.
Advanced loyalty programs are still reserved for major corporations like Starbucks. But not anymore because They’ve spent months developing….A groundbreaking cloud app that creates and sells rewards programs and gift card systems to small businesses online or offline.

This ‘smart’ app allowing you to provide a much-needed service to small businesses and run a loyalty agency business hands-free with proprietary technology.

A Few of the Rewardsly Amazing Features Users Will Get Include:

  • Create loyalty program rewards customers can get by shopping at the small business on a regular basis.
  • Create multiple tiers of gift cards for any store.
  • A.I. QR Code Technology.
  • The Technology Tracks Their Points and Rewards.
  • Rewardsly comes with beautiful DFY templates that are fully customizable in popular niches so your gift card looks professional and fully branded.
  • Mobile Loyalty Rewards Program Creation Technology.
  • Gift Card System Generator.
  • Cloud-Based Mobile Rewards Membership Creation.
  • Sell Access to Clients for Any Price.
  • Email Marketing Integration.
  • Payment Processor Integration.

and more!

Check The Rewardsly Demo!

Rewardsly Review | Rewardsly group buy with cheapest price

Rewardsly sale funnels:

FE – Rewardsly – $47: https://rewardsly.co/yes1/
OTO1 – Rewardsly Platinum – $97: https://rewardsly.co/platinum/
OTO2 – Rewardsly DFY – $197: https://rewardsly.co/dfy/

Rewardsly Group Buy:

Total Cost per Each Participant: (includes Paypal fee)
$17 (from today – 06/04/2021) —> join early now to have the best price.
$19 if you buy after 06/04/2021.

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