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Botstar reviews & hands-on experience

I recommend Botstar when products with similar features are selling with monthly fees. Botstar fact may also change to monthly fees in the near future. I used some similar products and tried Botstar today. It is one of only some good quality products selling on JVzoo platform. I will review more details below.
(You save much money with their one-time price now)

What is Botstar?


Botstar is a new A.I Chatbot software for FB Messenger & Websites, help you build your interactive chatbot in minutes with Powerful Visual Editor.

Online chatbot platform that lets businesses design, develop and train chatbots visually for Messenger and Websites.

Create conversational landing pages, conversational websites, interactive surveys, lead generation bots & more. Intuitively.

Overview of BotStar Benefits

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Overview of BotStar Features

A Few of the Amazing Features Users Will Get Include:

  • Powerful Visual Editor: Design the flow of your chatbot and edit content via a powerful drag-and-drop editor.
  • 50 hot high-quality pre-built chatbot templates in different niches, ready to be used.
  • Keyword AI: Customer types in a word or a phrase, and the bot automatically matches that word or phrase with a pre-loaded response.
  • Automate eCommerce: Build product galleries, accept orders, and send follow up sequences to your customers.
  • Send Mass Broadcasts to your list of users at will. Proven to get up to 80% open rates!
  • Auto Update.
  • Full flexibility and control as you can add images, videos and even time delay reply to humanize convos to make it sound all-natural.
  • Connect your bot to your website and Facebook Messenger plus 1,500+ Apps via Integromat & Zapier.
  • Enable Wit.ai integration to enable Keyword for your bot and use NLP intents in visual flow editor.
  • Multiple Languages – Accessibility to multilingual function. The default language is English.
  • Messenger Ref URL – A viewer accessing this bot via this landing URL will trigger a designated message set by you. You can customize that first message to their first or last name, and many other attributes.
  • Machine learning training – BotStar’s special feature that allows your chatbot to utilize a contextual understanding of a question towards its resolution, using trained keywords.
  • Analytics – BotStar’s in-depth analytics tool that provides an overview of chatbot activities and other important subscribers’ metrics.

and more!

Alternative products to Botstar

Compare Table:

Product NameWebsiteFewer FeaturesMore FeaturesPrice
ManyChat –
Visual bot builder for FB Messenger
manychat.comCan’t create a conversational landing page.Focus on the FB platform. More Integrations.$10 to $145+/month
Landbot.io –
Conversational Landing Page & Chat
Landbot.io Can run on FB platform or Create a conversational landing page.$35 to $350/month
Drift –
Conversational Marketing Platform
drift.comAppointment Scheduling, Mobile Marketing, Online CRM.$400 to $1,500/month
Engage Chat –
Interactive Landing Pages
engagr.ioOne-way flow builder. Can’t run on FB messenger.$37(FE) – $67(Pro)
BotstarCan’t create a conversational landing page.Can run on FB platform or create a Chatbot on site.One-time price

*One-way flow builder: can’t connect a block to front block. Can’t jump to another bot.

Botstar Solve Your Problem?

Proactive Customer Interactions & Better Engagement.

Just-in-time Customer Support & Improve Your Customers’ Experience. Chatbots doesn’t need to sleep, it offers 24-hour support, provides answers and save your customer’s orders when you sleep. How do you do global business if you need to sleep? You have your answer now.

Handling Transactions & Boost Your Sales: You can adding tags to your customers’ list and set up promotional messages.

Create your bot within minutes with BotStar templates. In the demo video, you can see him create a chatbot in 59s.

Check The Botstar Demo!

Botstar Review | Botstar Demo

My Botstar evaluation

I love new technology and apply it to my business. Botstar surprised me when most of the products selling on JVzoo are not of high quality.

I’m using LandBox on this site and love its visual blocks. When testing Botstar, it even has more blocks and helps with better customization, Examples: Scripting, HTTP, Language, Action, and Beta blocks.

However, it cannot be created yet a conversational landing page. If it has this feature it will beat most of the same tools.

But at the current price, it seems to be a very good deal! I recommend it.

Botstar Price & Bonuses

Botstar sale funnels:

FE – Botstar Commercial – $47: http://best.viewmore.at/botstar
OTO1 – Botstar Deluxe – $67: http://www.botstar.io/oto1
OTO2 – Botstar Platinum – $67: http://www.botstar.io/oto2
OTO3 – Botstar Training Bootcamp – $97: http://www.botstar.io/oto3

Botstar Bonus:

These are bonuses you have when you buy it through my affiliate link:

  • My VIP A card (Please contact me for more details).
  • Botstar WordPress Plugin.
  • FB Fanpage Domination.
  • Flat Visual Chat v5.3.
  • ChatBot for WooCommerce.
  • Support Board v1.2.
  • All-in-one Support Button.
  • Catchers Helpdesk and Ticket System.
  • and some.
my Botstar affiliate link:


You will have the account from the producer and bonuses from me.
Your auto-update & lifetime.

Please comment or message me if you have a question.


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