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Mailzapp + OTOs group buy & reviews

GroupBuy Price: $23 (from today – 06/04/2021) —> join early now to have the best price
$27 if you buy after 06/04/2021
$34 if you buy after 16/04/2021.
(You save 68% more than buying directly from the producer)

What is Mailzapp?

[Group Buy] Mailzapp + OTOs | AI-based Email Marketing Platform 2

Mailzapp is the first-ever AI-based Email Marketing Platform to achieve your desired Open Rate & Click-Through Rate at zero monthly fees.

SMTP Servers INCLUDED No need to use those expensive third-party SMTPs.
Unlimited emails, 100% free email validation, unlimited lists, ultra-fast delivery, and completely cloud-based.

Imagine the best email marketing tool you can buy… then add machine learning to boost your results and slash hours of weekly work.

Real-time machine learning boosts your open rates and click thrus automatically.

Email Marketing is still the most powerful way to sell products and services on Planet Earth.

From U.S presidents to million-dollar marketers, email marketing is still the #1 choice when it comes to getting people to take action. Yep, it’s even more powerful than social media. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself this – how did you reach this page today?

Was it from some random link on a website, or was it from an email?

97% of the people who read this message came from an email. The fact you’re here reading this message is proof that email marketing works.

Email Marketing Tools Are Broken
(and costing you time and money.)
Call us crazy, but shouldn’t email marketing tools be smarter and easier than they are today? Shouldn’t they do more of the actual marketing?

Instead, most email marketing tools make YOU do the hard work.

Why can’t we have an email marketing tool that thinks for itself and does more of the marketing work for us too?

Mailzapp Learns About You And Your Subscribers, Then Helps You Create Emails That Win.

Access the Most POWERFUL Email Marketing Tool for 2021 for a ONE TIME ONLY Investment.

Mailzapp is one product in Mintware Suite solution that can easily be integrated with another Mintware Suite product to make work easier and faster.


Mintware Suite (HQSuite in the past):

xFunnels is a system to Create Future Funnels, Websites & Pages. Make Lightning Fast Pages in 1 Click using World’s Easiest Funnel & Drag-n-Drop Page Builder With Voice Controlled Feature. https://marketingtoolkit.net/xfunnels-otos/

HQWebinar is a First-Ever Stimulated Automated Webinar System built with Same Technology Used in Blockchain, Slack, and FB Messenger!
Run Ultra High-Quality Smooth Webinars Without Any Glitch, Delay or Lag Using World’s Strongest Peer to Peer Technology. https://marketingtoolkit.net/hqwebinar-otos/

Meetzippy is an All In One Video Software Hosts Live Video Meetings, Create Courses, Podcasts, Host Masterminds in minutes under any niche. MeetZippy enables you to create live summits where you can invite experts to teach on various topics and charge customers to view the live shows. Record your live summits and sell it for a higher amount later. https://marketingtoolkit.net/meetzippy-otos/

xMarketer Suite is World’s first AI-based Video/Audio Calling platform for any kind of website. i.e. HTML or WordPress. With Power To Do Video & Voice Messages With Visitors To Close Sales Instantly Maximize your revenue 5x by converting your website to a video/audio messaging platform. https://marketingtoolkit.net/xmarketer-otos/

zKart is a Shopping Cart Plattform, the World’s first blockchain based cart and checkout software with the following features. Support Digital and Physical Goods. (will launching soon).

Coachzippy is a digital coaching platform to develop your high-potentials into inspiring leaders with personalized coaching. (will launching soon).

And more App coming soon.

Everzippy has a interface look like Meetzippy , but Meetzippy focus to Meeting video.
Everzippy is same as HQWebinar, but Everzippy has more features, more intergrate App.

A Few of the Amazing Mailzapp Features Users Will Get Include:

  • AI Technology Automatically Optimizes Your Email Opens & Click-Thru Rates.
  • Automatically Reduces Unsubscribes With Advanced Machine Learning.
  • Powerful Personalization & Tagging.
  • Next-Level Conversion-Boosting Technology Including Heat Maps, Reports & More.
  • Powerful Tracking & Reporting To Boost Your Results.
  • Stops Your Emails Getting Flagged As Spam And Never Seen.
  • Automatically Optimizes Your Emails In Real-Time Before And AFTER They’ve Been Sent.
  • Integrates With Zapier & Many More.
  • Drag And Drop Template Editor.
  • Mobile-Friendly Emails.
  • AB Split Test Automated Emails.
  • Intuitive Automation Builder.
  • Website Behavior Tracking.
  • Segmentation, List Cleaning, Interest Tagging, DKIM Authentication,…

and more!

This software comes from the producer of xFunnels, HQWebinar, HQSuite… so you can log in from one platform after you buy.

Check The Mailzapp Demo!

Mailzapp Review | Mailzapp group buy with cheapest price

Mailzapp sale funnels:

FE – Mailzapp Gold – $97: https://mailzapp.com/special/
OTO1 – Mailzapp Platinum – $97: https://mailzapp.com/ot1o11/

Mailzapp Group Buy:

Total Cost per Each Participant: (includes Paypal fee)
$23 (from today – 06/04/2021) —> join early now to have the best price
$27 if you buy after 06/04/2021
$34 if you buy after 16/04/2021.
(You save 68% more than buying directly from the producer)

Mailzapp groupbuy Payment link:


You have:
Access To Mailzapp (FE + OTO1)
Your auto-update & lifetime.

Please comment or message me if you have a question.


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