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What is Smart Quiz Builder?

[Secret Group Buy] Smart Quiz Builder | Visual Branching Logic Builder 2

Smart Quiz Builder lets you build beautifully designed quiz funnels to generate leads, segment your audience, and recommend the right products and resources to prospects.

Smart Quiz Builder is a plugin for WordPress. You’ll need at least one WordPress site to install, create, and manage quizzes. But after you create it, you can publish it anywhere, including on non-WordPress sites.

With quizzes from Smart Quiz Builder, visitors will spend more time on your site and you’ll get more relevant data about your potential customers.

The tool allows you to segment, tag, and deliver highly personalized offers that are tailored to your prospects’ pain points and needs.

Find out what your customers really want on an interactive platform that lets you generate leads, drive traffic to your site, and improve conversions.

Create a wide variety of quizzes and quiz funnels with branching logic. Convert static content into dynamic, interactive quizzes in minutes.

Choose how your survey appears on the page with options for in-page, pop-ups, or popovers for the best user experience and create a different, optimized style for mobile users.

You’ll be able to add your custom branding and style so every quiz aligns with your business. You can even use GIFs, emojis, and images in your questions and answers.

And even though Smart Quiz Builder is a WordPress plugin, you can publish quizzes anywhere using the embed code feature.

Select the type of quiz, pick a template, connect the quiz to your email platform, and follow the steps in the user-friendly quiz builder to create and publish your quiz in minutes.

Smart Quiz Builder integrates with all leading marketing automation and email platforms, so it fits seamlessly into your existing lead processes.

A Few of the Amazing Smart Quiz Builder Features Users Will Get Include:

  • Unlimited Sites.
  • Quiz types: personality, assessments, and scoring
  • Calculators: You can use SQB to create different types of calculators (ROI, Pricing, Growth, etc.).
  • Surveys
  • All questions types
  • Weighted Questions.
  • Email and marketing platform integrations
  • Quiz funnels and branching logic
  • Advanced customizer
  • Personalized quizzes
  • Cool animations
  • Detailed analytics and reports
  • Social share buttons, Share Results on Social.
  • Student and admin email notifications
  • Category-level calculations
  • Mobile-view customizer
  • Pre-built quizzes
  • Embed code
  • Timed quizzes
  • Track Conversions With Built-In Facebook Pixel Tracking Integration.
  • You can set different redirects for different outcomes. Different Results based on Answers.
  • Comes with a visual branching logic builder.
  • Personalize some or all of the questions.

and more!

I high recommend Smart Quiz Builder if you’re running a WordPress site and you’re looking to tailor your customer journey on your sites.

Please see more detail on Smart Quiz Builder sale page:

Smart Quiz Builder – $399: https://smartquizbuilder.com/#pricing

Check their demo: https://smartquizbuilder.com/demo/

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You have:
Access To Smart Quiz Builder plugin for WordPress (Lifetime auto-update with the Unlimited site).

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