Messenger Bots are Scary Effective for Local Businesses

If you’ve been watching Facebook as closely as I have you’ve seen them making a lot of big changes in an effort to help small business owners that have become overwhelmed with using their platform to market their business. One such addition to the Facebook Feature set has been something called Messenger Bots. Well… In … Read more

5 Extremely Valuable Messenger Bot Campaigns on Facebook

A few very important changes that Facebook has implemented that have made “messenger bots” extremely valuable for local business owners (and those of us who work with them). Today, I will share my 5 favorite messenger bot campaigns with you. These are the campaigns that you can setup and run with a local business and get … Read more

SendinBlue Review – The Pros & Cons of the Newsletter Tool

Hey, Anthony here and welcome to our Sendinblue review. Starting out as a transactional email service, SendInBlue has now become a full email marketing platform. What’s the difference? Well, originally you would perhaps just use SendInBlue as the service which simply sends transactional emails, such as an order confirmation, once someone has bought something from … Read more